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writing and mindfulness

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Writing & Mindfulness

​Not long after taking up a meditation practice, I noticed that increasing my mindfulness had a powerfully positive effect on my writing.

During the pandemic, I also discovered that my daily meditation practice, as well as my daily writing practice, worked together to ground and center me.

I took these two observations and created a series of workshops and retreats designed to show participants how to use these practices to both navigate difficult times, and improve their writing skills.

I have been teaching these Writing and Mindfulness workshops at the Esalen Institute, as well as at the San Francisco Zen Center, where I practice. I've also developed a half-day version which I offer at no charge for front-line workers and caregivers.

"Thank you, Janis, for your workshop. I'm going into the rest of my day feeling more calm and at peace than I have all week, and feeling a new resolve to commit to a daily meditation and free writing practice."                                  

                     - Corina Yen (online workshop attendee)

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