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Writing & Mindfulness...

  a time of crisis

A free 90 minute online workshop

A daily writing practice and a consistent meditation practice have the power to ground us during difficult times. Writing gives us perspective and helps us make sense of the world. Mindfulness shows us how to make space for the joy as well as the fear.

I believe so strongly in the value of these dual practices--particularly in this time of pandemic and upheaval--I am offering a series of free, 90 minute workshops to help participants develop both a daily meditation--and a daily writing--practice.

Over the 90 minutes, I will lead several short, guided meditations designed to cultivate the resources necessary to cope in times of crisis.

I will also talk about the value of free writing and journaling, and explain how a daily writing practice can support us during this time of uncertainty and change.

There will, of course, be time for questions, and I will provide links and reading recommendations to help you  continue to explore these practices on your own.

"Thank you, Janis, for your workshop. I'm going into the rest of my day feeling more calm and at peace than I have all week, and feeling a new resolve to commit to a daily meditation and free writing practice."                                  

                     - Corina Yen (online workshop attendee)

The workshop will be recorded and the link sent to everyone who is registered

Next session is Sunday,

January 3, 2021

2 pm - 3:30 pm (PT)

This will be a special

New year's resolution edition with an emphasis on

maintaining your practice in the upcoming year

This workshop is free and open to everyone 

Click below to register by email

This workshop is suitable for

meditators and writers of any level

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instructor bio

I am a long-time Zen practitioner who has taught writing and mindfulness workshops at both Esalen and San Francisco Zen Center. 

I am also the author of a memoir, and two award-winning novels (all currently in print), and have been teaching writing in the Bay Area for two decades.

In 2012, I founded the Lit Camp writers conference, and in early 2019, I received lay ordination (jukai) at San Francisco Zen  Center.

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